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What makes a great portrait photograph

What makes a great portrait photograph 

How a photo studio creates the best shots

Great Lighting, relaxed subjects and dynamic composition.

This is where a professional really earns their fee. There are two approaches; in the studio or outside.

Some photographers like to set up their shots in their own studio. Here they have total control over the lighting and backgrounds. Some very dramatic and breathtaking photos can be shot this way. Relaxing the subject is so important and takes some real skill to achieve inside a studio.

One of the best examples is the work of Linnea Lenkus in Los Angeles. These are amongst the very best images that I have ever seen and any of these pictures would make a striking Portrait Cameo Jewel.

Another approach is to move outside the studio. Here you can often create a more informal portrait, possibly with a hand-held camera.

This is done to great effect by Meredith Zinner in New York. The subject may be more relaxed out of doors or may even in their home. There is also the chance to add an interesting background for the photo shoot.

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