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Larry McMahon Wedding Photography

Sample from Larry Mc Mahon Photography

Paul & Lynne – Wedding Carton House – Fair Play!

As always  I started off the day with Lynne and her bridesmaids. I love the blue on the wall behind her, and the folding details in her dress.
Then caught up with Paul and his bestman and groomsman at Ladychapel church. Paul’s favourite  phrase of the day was “Fair play”.  He sprinkled it about much like the way I would say “ok” or ” great stuff” or  “jaysus”. In fact I was waiting to hear him say it at the end of his marriage vows but alas no such luck!! :-)
This was a seriously chilled wedding, full of party spirit. It’s the way a wedding celebration should be.
As always my style was to document and direct where appropriate in order to tell the story of their day,  and what a great story it was.

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